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Work Experience

DIRECTOR OF CONTENT - We Are Fuzzy (Commercial Production Company) | August 2017 to Present

ASSISTANT EDITOR – Contend (Branded Content Agency) | June 2016 to October 2017

MEDIA INTERN – Relativity Media, Physical & Post Production | July 2015 to August 2015


EDITORAL: AVID, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Suite (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder)

FINISHING: Online Editing, Subtitling, Versioning, Final QC, Archival

CLIENT-FACING DATA MANAGEMENT:, WireDrive, Dropbox, FTP Clients, Shared Server Pipeline



BFA IN DIRECTING for Film + Digital Content



EDITOR - Elite Cosplay (Digital Series, 3 Episodes) - Blizzard Entertainment, Dir. ZAP

EDITOR – Sleep Tight (3 Videogame Trailers) - Nintendo, Dir. Maxx Burman

EDITOR - Say You Will (Feature Film Trailer) - Gravitas Ventures, Dir. Nick Naveda

EDITOR – G.P.A. (Digital Comedy Series, 4 Episodes) - Personal Directorial Project

EDITOR - Left Hook (Narrative Short Film) - Dir. Devon Young

EDITOR Down The Line: A Lokl Yokl Music Video - Dir. Ryan Rosenblum

EDITOR – Inanis (Experimental Short Film) - Dir. Ryan Rosenblum


EDITOR – Gears of War: Off Season (Documentary Series, 1 Episode) - Microsoft Studios

EDITOR – KitBash3D: Launch (Social Ad Campaign, 3 Spots) - We Are Fuzzy

EDITOR – Porsche: The Legend (Spec Spot) – Dir. Ben Kohler

EDITOR – HyperVocal (Spot) – Dir. Johan Erik Lallerstedt

EDITOR – Relativity School: Narrative (Spot) – Dir. Glenn Kalison

EDITOR – Dark Web: Season One (Digital Horror Series, 1 Episode) – Dir. Boman Modine

EDITOR – Crab Rangoon: Season One (Digital Comedy Series, 3 Episodes) – Dir. Jay Stephens, Chris Gouche

EDITOR – The Sounds of War (Short Film) – Relativity School, Dir. Josh Ogner

EDITOR – Data (Short Film) – Relativity School, Dir. Ben Kohler

ASSISTANT EDITOR - Budweiser: Beer Country (SuperBowl Spot Pitch) - Mosaic, Dir. Ivan Tinoco

ASSISTANT EDITOR - Oracle: Open World 2017 (Social Ad Campaign, 13 Spots) - Mosaic, Dir. Alfredo De Villa

ASSISTANT EDITOR - Microsoft: Sting (Social Ad Campaign, 3 Spots) - Contend, Dir. Seth Josephson

ASSISTANT EDITOR - Chrysler: Pacifikids (Nationally Aired Spot) - Contend, Dir. Alfredo De Villa


EDITOR – Crab Rangoon: Season Zero (Digital Comedy Series, 5 Episodes) – Dir. Jay Stephens, Chris Gouche

EDITOR – Loop (Short Film) – Fun Size Horror, Dir. Mali Elfman

EDITOR – The Tower (Short Film) – Studio Sidecar, Dir. Devon Young

EDITOR – KCal Branded Insurance (Locally Aired Spot) – Strangeway Productions, Dir. Andru Davies

ASSISTANT EDITOR – Una: A Dark Faerie Tale (Short Film) – Strangeway Productions, Dir. Daniel Harray


EDITOR – A Very Insta Christmas (Music Video) – Awestruck TV, Dir. Nikki Levy

EDITOR – Secretly Funny (Movie Trailer) – Knight Owl Productions, Dir. Roberto Ahumada

EDITOR – The Gathering (Music Video) – Knight Owl Productions, Dir. Roberto Ahumada

EDITOR - Fun Size Horror: Volume 2 (Horror Anthology Feature, 1 Short) Hulu, DIr. Mali Elfman & Zeke Pinheiro

ASSISTANT EDITOR – Perfect (Short Film) – Fun Size Horror, Dir. Taylor Phillips

ASSISTANT EDITOR – Conventional (Short Film) – Fun Size Horror, Dir. Karen Gillan